Start up your idea

Get connected with a digital squad that will shape your idea and validate it with a startup mindset

From idea to validated innovation plan

We’ll foster your idea, build a prototype and then test it with real users. In the end, we’ll gather all the data and undestand metrics as cost of aquisition, retention and estimate how much a MVP would cost. This way, you’re ready to talk to investors and make your idea go live.

Five quick steps, one giant leap

1 MVP Ideation

$ 4,800

Get the vision of what should be built to launch your product, assumptions to be validated and success metrics. Work with a specialized squad to detail and nail down your idea.

2 Desk Research

$ 4,400

Get market information about other current solutions and players: business models, market size, market trends.

3 Business Model

$ 2,400

Understand which business design standards could be applied to the product you are developing.

4 Experiment

$ 6,400

Test the assumptions and beliefs about the target audience, product need and adoption, and main risks to the business model.

5 Innovation plan

$ 7,000

Get ready to raise funds! It’s a detailed report on the initiative results, the earning potential and the vision of investments needed to capture the opportunity.

All information is kept safe, and you retain full ownership of your project’s rights.

Ready to start your idea up?

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