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Digital Corporate Governance

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Amazon, Google, Netflix, Spotify and other successful digital companies use corporate governances that fosters 2 pillars of digital innovation:

1. Ideas must be explored before deciding upon investment
2. Expect success from continuous evolution, not launching

They’ve learned from the startup way how to avoid large investments, focus on validating hypothesis and learning from customers in a digital corporate governance in three phases.

One Coin

Use proven lean startup and design thinking methodology

Two Coins

Focus on validating hypotheses and learning from initial customers

Three Coins

Re-build for scale, keep continuous evolution flowing

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Assess how to invest in digital

Make sense of how much, when and how to invest, creating a digital corporate governance.
Avoid large investments, focus on validating hypotheses and learning from initial customers.

Create a Growth Board

A growth board is a group of senior executives within an organization that meet regularly to review, discuss, and ultimately fund or kill new growth initiatives.
It’s the enterprise equivalent of venture capital and uses many of the same mindsets and lenses that VCs do in evaluating and deciding on opportunities.

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